Mesotherapy for hair - the pros and cons of the procedure

All problems associated with the appearance are reflected in the general condition of the woman. It is especially difficult in cases when the hair loses its former attractiveness, split, fall out. Not always home masks and pharmacy drugs cope with problems. Sometimes it becomes necessary to conduct more effective and expensive procedures, which include mesotherapy. Let's look at the main advantages and disadvantages of therapy. So let's get started.

Mesotherapy for hair

Features of Mesotherapy

  1. Mesotherapy refers to injection intervention, the introduction of a cocktail of nutrients into the scalp. The specialist individually prepares the mixture, so the first results are immediately visible.
  2. This technology of hair treatment came to us from America and Europe, it was there that the masters in the field of cosmetology learned to conduct mesotherapy for skin and hair, we are interested in the second option.
  3. Health injections, or as they are also called "cocktails of youth," deliver valuable substances to the follicles that extend throughout their entire length. In a short time you can achieve impressive results and awaken the dormant bulbs for years.
  4. Especially often, people who have experienced severe dryness and weakness, loss, slow hair growth resort to mesotherapy. Despite all its usefulness, mesotherapy has a number of limitations. Therefore, before carrying out a specialist consultation is required.
  5. It is extremely useful to treat hair with mesotherapy for men who have experienced the first signs of baldness and women suffering from alopecia after giving birth. After 5 injections, hair loss slows down, after 3 more sessions the sleeping bulbs awaken, a noticeable fluff appears on the head.
  6. It is possible to achieve an impressive, and most importantly quick effect, because the master adds additional nutrients to the cocktail based on hyaluronic acid. Their list includes vitamins of the B-group, amino acids, zinc.
  7. The main advantages of mesotherapy for hair include a high and quick result, the absence of severe pain during the procedure, non-surgical technique. This treatment is suitable for all people by type of hair, regardless of whether it is oily or dry.
  8. The peculiarities of mesotherapy include local effects. Tissues that do not need recharge are not involved in the process. Affected areas, in contrast, are enriched. To achieve the result immediately, the specialist asks a list of questions and, if necessary, sends them to the analyzes before the procedure.

Types of Mesotherapy

To date, there are two main varieties of the procedure, they are quite enough.

The first type is manual or manual technique. The specialist prepares a cocktail of youth, taking into account individual indications and introduces it manually by dialing into a syringe. Mesotherapy of this kind requires some experience from the master, but is more effective.

The second type is a hardware technique, which is carried out using a special roller with needles. In this case, the depth of introduction of the composition is controlled by the equipment used.

Indications for mesotherapy

Any procedure, regardless of the ultimate goal, has its own indications for conducting. Let's look at the symptoms under which mesotherapy will benefit you:

  • the presence of dermatological problems on the scalp (seborrhea, etc.);
  • prolonged dandruff, which is not excreted by other means;
  • too slow hair growth;
  • brittle, lifeless strands damaged by thermal appliances;
  • blockage of the sebaceous ducts in the scalp;
  • excessive production of subcutaneous fat;
  • hair loss in women after giving birth;
  • bald spots, bald patches in the male half of the population;
  • impaired blood circulation in the scalp;
  • weak follicles that do not transmit nutrients along the entire length of the hair;
  • unstable work of sebaceous glands (hair is either dry or oily);
  • loss of natural pigmentation (for owners of their native hair color);
  • porous structure;
  • lack of natural shine;
  • difficulty combing;
  • constant section at the tips and along the entire length;
  • preparation before a hair transplant.

The listed indications for conducting sessions is not the whole list, it is necessary to proceed from the state of human health and the characteristics of the hair as a whole.

Contraindications to mesotherapy

  • chronic pathologies in the form of vasculitis, lupus erythematosus;
  • ailments accompanied by poor blood coagulation;
  • taking anticoagulants, corticosteroids;
  • diabetes at any stage;
  • neoplasms in the form of oncology;
  • the period of gestation and breastfeeding;
  • individual intolerance of the components used during the procedure;
  • pathology of the skin on the head in the form of psoriasis, eczema and furunculosis;
  • a tendency to develop scars (keloid);
  • infectious diseases in the acute phase;
  • severe chronic pathologies;
  • impaired metabolism;
  • endocrine abnormalities;
  • neurological and mental diseases in the form of neurosis, epilepsy;
  • the period of the menstrual cycle in women;
  • the patient's age should not exceed 65 years or be less than 15 years.

Cons and pros of mesotherapy

Cons and pros of mesotherapy

  1. The benefit of injection therapy is that the active ingredients are introduced directly into the area of ​​the problem. Hair follicles receive all the necessary substances to strengthen the structure and growth of hair.
  2. An undoubted plus can still be considered the fact that the patient does not make any efforts to improve the hair. All responsibility lies with the specialist.
  3. A visible result is achieved after a month of course use of drugs. Six months later, the effect becomes more pronounced.
  4. After a full course, the effect is fixed for about 1.5 years. As for various cosmetics for a lot of money, you will not get a similar result.
  5. If we talk about the cons, then among them it is worth highlighting the unpleasantness of the process. Sometimes injections are very painful.
  6. Also, the disadvantages include the high cost of the entire course of procedures. Side effects after injections should not be ruled out. Similar situations arise quite rarely.

Preparation for the procedure

  1. It is imperative that you undergo a full examination before the procedure. As a result, possible pathologies or minor diseases are revealed. The specialist will analyze all the indicators and prescribe certain drugs.
  2. After the approval and appointment of the exact date of the first procedure, you need to stop taking medications that affect blood coagulation. It is forbidden to consume alcohol and fatty foods. Have to adjust the diet.
  3. 1 day before the first injection, a specialist will conduct a small experiment. The doctor will give an injection with a small amount of healing composition. A professional will appreciate the tolerance of the drug by the body. If everything is in order, you can start.

Used drugs

  1. The drug, which should produce a positive effect, is selected exclusively by a specialist. The doctor will take into account the individual intolerance of the patient and existing health problems.
  2. In most cases, specialists resort to the help of cocktails based on vitamins B, tocopherol, ascorbic acid and retinol. In addition, hyaluronic acid, minoxidil, selenium, zinc, copper, magnesium and complexes for activating hair follicles are injected.
  3. The drug, along with everything you need, can be purchased directly from the master or in a store that specializes in such products. The cost of 1 session, depending on the components, can range from 1 to 7 thousand rubles.

Mesotherapy is a new-fashioned procedure that positively affects the hair condition of men and women. Therapy includes a lot of useful qualities, but it also has negative traits. Before any manipulations, compare your desires with capabilities, because mesotherapy costs money.

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