How to plant onions on greens on the windowsill

Growing greens on your windowsill is not a difficult and exciting thing. To do this, you do not need to read specialized literature for hours, prepare a specific soil composition or buy some original and super-convenient pot. All that is required of you to grow onions in herbs is diligence and a little imagination.

How to plant onions on greens

Growing onions in greens is easy!

If you naively think that growing onions in herbs takes too much time and you should not even try to start such an experiment, you are very mistaken. Onions - a plant that has been cultivated by people for more than 5000 years. During this time, neither the technology of cultivation, nor adaptation has changed at all, however, with each century, mankind finds new sophistication to simplify its work.

You can get fresh onion feathers in the frosty winter, spring or autumn without any blows to the family budget. On the contrary, in connection with high prices for products, you need to think about self-growing plants. Having prepared the dishes, a little land and the onion itself, all your responsibility will be to water only, and about 3 times a week. And if you choose for yourself a completely simplified method of growing onions in water, then you don’t even have to water! Every gardener starts somewhere! Start and you grow onions on greens, teach your family to eat natural vitamins all year round!

Hydroponics. Sophisticated concept, easy cultivation

Despite the fact that the term hydroponics itself says little to ordinary people, it is this method of growing onion greens that is the simplest and most problem-free. What is the essence of this type of agriculture? In this case, water is poured into a small bowl, the float is fitted and the onion is staggered onto it. In ordinary words - this is a way to grow onions in a glass of water. Everyone at least once in their life tried to get green leaves in this way, studying biology in the middle classes. But roofing felts due to inexperience, roofing felts due to uselessness, many left the work they had begun, not bringing it to the end.

Growing onions in water

In order to grow onions using hydroponics, we advise you to be patient and prepare the following items:

  • Sour cream plastic cups with lids
  • Onion
  • Water

Set aside the cups, take the lids and carefully make a hole no larger than the circumference of the onion prepared for seedling. Next, close the cup with a lid, place the onion in the prepared hole and pour enough water so that the bottom of the onion only comes into contact with the water a little. Everything! Now it remains only to wait until the first tender leaves begin to appear.

Advice! Very often, young, not yet experienced people, try to grow onions by completely drowning them in a glass of water. In this case, you should not wait for the first shoots, because soon the onion will simply rot. In order to avoid such a sad outcome, we recommend placing the bulb only above the surface of the water or so that the onion is only 2 mm in contact with the water. To prevent onion decay due to a lack of oxygen, we advise you to prepare a weak solution of potassium permanganate (pale pink) and pour it into a glass with onions. So you can get the long-awaited greens in the shortest possible time.

Mini-beds on the windowsill

There are several ideas on how to grow onions on the windowsill.

Box with the earth. This method completely repeats the one that is widely used by gardeners when growing onions in the garden.It is necessary to prepare a box (plastic, wooden), onions (about 7 pieces or more according to your desire) and the ground. It is worth adding that onions are not very picky about the composition of the earth, so neutral soil with a large admixture of sand (for loosening) is suitable.

Pour the earth into a box, level it, plant bulbs shallow in the soil. It is advisable to adhere to some kind of scheme so that the bed does not look like one chaos. Next, you need to pour with a watering can and wait a few days until the onion is rooted, and then watch how the feathers gradually grow. In this case, you can get 14 cm of greens 15 days after planting.

Plastic container. Want to surprise your family and friends not only with fresh herbs, but also with a creative garden? Then we bring to your attention a new way of growing onions - in plastic dishes made from juice or sunflower oil (2.5 liters or 3 liters). This option will also require land, dishes, and onions.

Growing onions in a plastic bottle

Before you start filling the dishes, you need to make small (about 4-5 cm in diameter) holes in the container itself, preferably in a checkerboard pattern. To do this, you can use sharp scissors, or for easy cutting, draw a circle with a dashed line, using a hot wire. It is worth noting that the diameter of the hole depends entirely on the size of the bulb. If you take a small planting material, then you need to cut small holes accordingly.

After the container is prepared and there are round holes on it, it is time to fill it with earth and simultaneously put the bulbs in their place. After the earth has reached the first hole, put the onion there and cover it with earth. It should be an illusion that the bow does not lie, but stands. It is also necessary to do with all prepared onions. In order for the hand to easily penetrate into the container at any degree, we recommend cutting off the top of the container. Then it can easily be put in place.

Everything! It remains to water and wait for the appearance of greenery, which will be interesting to grow first horizontally, and then sharply change the degree by 45 degrees and rush up.

Capacity for eggs. If earlier trays made of cardboard were widely distributed when selling eggs, now plastic egg trays are incredibly successful. They can be perfectly used for growing onions.

In each recess of this dish, sprinkle a small amount of earth, put the onion there, with a tablespoon, carefully pour water directly into the ground. At this point, the planting procedure ends; watering the soil is necessary as it dries.

Caution! I need light!

Onion is a photophilous plant. It will please you with juicy and tall greens only if the amount of light is sufficient for growth. Therefore, if you are going to grow onions on greens in December or January, take care of the backlight.

What kind of onions should be taken for growing herbs

For growing onions on greens, onions are suitable, which is distinguished by the density, hardness and luster of the husk. You can also advise growing onions, which he himself began to "grow" - the formed feathers are visible. In this case, you won’t be able to get a big crop of greens, but you can try to give a second life to onions, which are no longer suitable for use in food.

Growing onions on greens is not a simple matter, but very simple! Try and delight everyone with natural vitamins in winter, spring and autumn!

Video: growing onions on a feather

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