Tomato Dessert pink - description and characteristics of the variety

A good combination of all the qualities of tomatoes allows you to grow a culture in almost any region under any conditions. We will talk about one of the varieties, namely Dessert Pink, in this article. Consider the characteristics of the variety, especially the cultivation and care.

Tomato Dessert Pink


  1. Great crop grade. It has long won the attention of many agronomists. Long stored in torn form. It tolerates transportation well.
  2. Suitable for vegetable salads, cheese dishes, cooking lecho, ketchups, sauces. For the preparation of meat dishes and canning.
  3. The tomato is officially included in the state register and has a registration number.
  4. This culture is suitable for growing both in personal plots and in industrial facilities. It tolerates open ground. It can grow in greenhouse-type shelters. Especially greenhouses are useful in cold regions.
  5. Harvest ripens after 110 - 115 days after germination. The stem extends to one and a half to two meters during growth. The garter of the plant to the slats or pegs is necessary. Thus, the stem will be fixed. Harvest will not be on the ground, the stem will not be broken.
  6. The leaves of the plant are quite large, have a dark green color. The first inflorescence appears on the eighth leaf. And subsequent brushes appear every three sheets.
  7. On the inflorescence 3 to 4 large tomatoes are formed. The shape of the fetus is rounded, slightly flattened. Throughout the circumference are not pronounced ribs. The color of the tomato on the outside is pink and whiter inside. The fruit is quite fleshy, consists of 4 sections with seeds. The weight of each fetus is on average 250 - 300 grams.

Growing tomatoes in an ordinary film-type greenhouse, you can collect from 9 to 12 kilograms per season from one square meter. In open ground in a favorable region without the use of greenhouses and films, you can collect from 8 to 9 kilograms of ripe vegetables.

“Dessert pink” will feel great and grow in warm regions and in the middle lane. Heated greenhouses are needed in excessively cold places - Siberia and the Far North. However, according to many farmers, in these areas you can grow tomatoes, using ordinary film greenhouses, without using heating.

Growing Features

It is important to purchase seeds in specialized stores and departments. Then germination and belonging to the variety will be guaranteed. Unfortunately, you cannot buy seeds anywhere. Most distributors can sell low-quality goods. Storage conditions may also not comply with regulations. Therefore, acquiring seeds from hands, you can get just trash.

Before planting, all seeds are soaked in a weak solution of manganese for 10 to 15 minutes.


Soil for tomatoes Dessert pink
Pre-prepared containers with ground. It can be boxes, pots or pallets. You can immediately use glasses or small pots to place 1 to 2 seeds in them, so that later you will not pick. The land should be specially for vegetable crops containing the mineral complex of basic fertilizers. You can prepare the land yourself. To do this, you need to take the soil from the garden plots, add humus, ash and sawdust. Mix everything and put into containers.

Sowing and planting

Before sowing, it is necessary to make holes or recesses in the ground. Shed everything with warm water and place the seeds at a distance of 2 - 3 centimeters from each other, if they are distributed over common containers.Deepening should be no less than one and a half centimeters. Then sprinkle everything with earth and cover with polyethylene. After hatching the seeds, the containers without shelter are rearranged on the windowsill and include additional lighting.

Before transplanting into the open ground, the tomatoes harden. For two weeks, the plants are exposed to the street or a window is opened. Thus, the culture gets used to transplanting.

Before planting, fertilizers are applied to the soil. In addition to peat, manure and ash throughout the garden, granular fertilizer superphosphate and potassium sulfate are added to each well.


Watering this variety should be when it is clear that the land is dry. Frequent watering is not needed. With the growth of bushes, it is important to remove the lower old leaves, hilling the base of the stem. Weeds should be removed and the soil mulched. Fertilizing will add strength to the plant and help it to form more ovaries for the ripening of fruits.

To protect the culture from disease, you need to timely spray the foliage. This will protect the plant from the appearance of late blight and other diseases, as well as the invasion of insects and slugs.

The variety "Dessert Pink" is very fruitful and tasty. Most agronomists gladly grow it in their plots and in professional greenhouses.

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