How to deal with fatigue: useful tips

Fatigue is a common problem of modern people. More often, an ailment occurs when a proper diet, an irregular sleep pattern and a lack of useful trace elements are not observed. If you do not take action, fatigue develops into a chronic disease.

How to deal with fatigue

Common Causes of Fatigue

  • lack of clean air;
  • abuse of coffee drinks;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • unbalanced diet;
  • lack of fluid in the body;
  • side effects from taking various medications;
  • lack of vitamin D;
  • malfunctioning of the thyroid gland;
  • iron deficiency, anemia;
  • perfectionism;
  • incorrect gastrointestinal tract;
  • stress and depression;
  • heart muscle disease;
  • urethra infection;
  • diabetes.

How to overcome fatigue

Method number 1. Sleep

  1. Try to sleep at least 7-8 hours. Moreover, rest should fall at night from 22:00 to 6:00 hours. The reason for everything is a normal human biorhythm.
  2. It is during these hours that brain activity drops and requires a reboot, and with it the whole organism. If the work does not allow you to relax in due time, try to change it, health should be a priority.
  3. Otherwise, if you have to sleep in the daytime, you need to darken the room as much as possible and remove extraneous gadgets, they should not disturb your vacation.
  4. Doctors do not recommend changing the natural biorhythm of a person, in the future a similar aspect will adversely affect health. Believe me, the consequences will not cause positive emotions.

Method number 2. Physical exercise

  1. Contrary to all the excuses, go in for sports. No one forces you to buy an expensive gym membership. It is enough to start running and jumping rope.
  2. After a week, you will feel that you are blooming. It is enough to spend half an hour running exercises and 35-40 minutes at home. Download the press and do squats. Manipulations are carried out at least 3 times a week.

Method number 3. Vitamin Complex

  1. Review your diet. To increase the activity of the body, you need to eat foods with a high protein content. These include legumes, red fish, beef, chicken, dairy products.
  2. Be sure to drink a vitamin-mineral complex. It is also necessary to be in the sun for some time. The body needs to get vitamin D. Do not forget to also eat cereals and grains, seafood.

Method number 4. Specialist visit

  1. If you are taking any medications, carefully read the instructions. Perhaps you will find the reason for the decline in activity of the body.
  2. If necessary, consult your doctor so that he changes the medicine or prescribes PCT (post-cycle therapy). Such a move in the shortest possible time will help restore the body.

Method number 5. Proper breakfast

  1. Start a new day with breakfast if you haven’t done it before. Eat natural yogurt with granola, cereals with dried fruits.
  2. Be sure to drink a glass of water with lemon juice after waking up or replace it with fresh citrus. Refuse coffee drinks and black tea.

Method number 6. The fight against perfectionism

  1. If you have a similar feature, it is worth considering this fact. Pay attention to how much effort and time you spend on familiar activities.
  2. Try to minimize your perfectionism in your work environment.You can be special in domestic household chores; at work, such actions are unlikely to be appreciated.

Afternoon Fatigue

Afternoon Fatigue

  1. Currently, many people lack strength after dinner. A similar problem is manifested in drowsiness and fatigue. The decline in activity comes from exhausted energy associated with daily brain activity.
  2. Keep in mind that physical activity directly depends on proper nutrition and proper sleep patterns. Balance your meal. Combine carbohydrates and proteins, do not forget about fresh vegetables and fruits.
  3. Refuse from fast snacks and power engineers. If possible, do exercises or do a ten-minute walk in quick steps. Do not pay attention to colleagues, let them continue to be sleepy flies.

Fatigue along with psychological problems

Method number 1. Lifestyle assessment

  1. The first step is to soberly assess whether you are subject to prolonged stress. How much are your pressing concerns. Ask yourself the question of whether to worry about nothing.
  2. If you can find an explanation for most of these aspects, try to deal with the problems yourself. You can also seek help from a psychologist.

Method number 2. Relaxation

  1. If you experience constant annoyance or anxiety, such thoughts will soon begin to deplete vital energy. You will end up with apathy and depression.
  2. To allow the body to take a break from the experiences and adrenaline rush, you need to learn how to control consciousness. Learn the techniques of meditation and relaxation, yoga will also help.

Method number 3. Idleness and pleasure

  1. Set certain boundaries, move towards your goals and dreams. No need to try to jump above your head, again, such actions lead to moral exhaustion of the body.
  2. Psychologists recommend finding a few free hours just for idleness. You can just relax and sleep at home with music, a book or a movie. Also spend time in the company of friends.

Alternative ways to get rid of fatigue

Method number 1. Chinese technology

  1. If funds allow, you can contact a professional massage parlor. Try acupressure, a similar practice known since ancient China.
  2. The technique is similar to acupuncture, but deep acupressure is used instead of needles. Through the technique, various parts of the body are kneaded, blood circulation improves.
  3. After the procedure, heat is felt throughout the body, fatigue is markedly reduced, the muscles are completely relaxed. It is also known that acupressure helps the production of endorphins.

Method number 2. Yoga
Yoga to relieve fatigue

  1. Yoga helps to overcome fatigue and cope with stressful situations. The technique has proved itself to be able to restore the nervous system.
  2. Psychologists often recommend using a yoga technique. The ongoing manipulations have a positive effect on vital energy. If you gain experience, you will be able to control the forces spent during the day.

Method number 3. Aromatherapy

  1. The procedures are aimed at combating fatigue through the use of various ethers. Oils are extracted from almost all products that exist in nature.
  2. Ethers are used in different ways, they can be added to the bath, candles or applied to the skin. In the fight against fatigue, esters of citrus, mint and cypress have proven themselves well.
  3. If you want to cheer up, cardamom oil, cinnamon, clove oil will come to the rescue. The necessary charge of energy is acquired without side effects, unlike caffeine.

Method number 4. Injections

  1. To charge and rejuvenate the body, doctors recommend injecting vitamin B12. After the injection, cells of the nervous system are activated.
  2. Due to the properties of vitamin B12, memory, concentration, and thinking are significantly improved.Injection helps to feel more fresh, fatigue dissolves.

Method number 5. Eating

  1. Try to eat in small portions, but 4-5 times a day. If you support the body throughout the day with all the necessary substances, fatigue is unlikely to threaten you.
  2. Avoid lowering blood glucose, for the most part it is involved in energy production. Therefore, you need to eat sweet, but in small quantities.

Method number 6. Diet

  1. To restore normal health with enough energy, you should abandon a low-calorie diet.
  2. A lack of carbohydrates leads to a decrease in the activity of the whole organism. It is necessary to diversify the diet with healthy products. Systematically take a vitamin-mineral course.

To overcome fatigue, it is necessary to find out the root cause of deterioration of well-being. Restore normal biorhythm, sleep at least 7-8 hours at night. Make the right diet. Exercise and learn how to relax.

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