What time of day is better to play sports

Many people begin to play sports spontaneously - doctors recommended to someone, for someone sport is an opportunity to regain a good figure, but someone just bought beautiful and fashionable shoes on sale. Whatever the motivation for playing sports, one of the most difficult questions is - what time of day is better to do? It is worth considering the condition and physical fitness of the body, the availability of free time, the time of the main work or study, the schedule of classes in the gym, if you want to engage in a team. In addition, you need to pay attention to the individual time of psychological activity. This is the time during which we are ready to perceive something new, withstand loads. It is this factor that determines the type of person - “lark” or “owl”.

What time of day is better to play sports

In order to understand what time of day it is better to do, we’ll try to understand the nuances of morning and evening workouts.

Features of morning workouts

Many associate morning workouts only with jogging. However, this is not always the case. Many large fitness centers are open from early morning to provide customers with the opportunity to work out with any sport right up to work. But why do people prefer physical activity to a pleasant morning sleep? To do this, try to understand the pros and cons of morning sports.

  1. The main reason that people play sports in the morning is the presence of a large number of forces. Admit how many times you promised yourself to go for a run after work. However, a hearty dinner and fatigue do their job and training remains only in the plans. And if you get up early in the morning, you will get time only for yourself - when the children sleep and do not bother you, when to run to work too early, and there are so many forces that you can roll mountains!
  2. Any physical activity produces a huge amount of endorphins. This means that after training, the mood improves significantly, you get a charge of vivacity and good mood for the whole day.
  3. If you decide to work out in the morning, you need to know one main rule. After awakening, at least half an hour should pass before training, otherwise the heart simply does not have time to “warm up” for active work. Indeed, at night, blood circulation slows down, even body temperature decreases slightly. In no case should you wake up and immediately run for a run. In the morning workouts, you need to devote more time and attention to the warm-up.
  4. Another feature of a morning workout is the lack of glucose in the blood, since the last meal usually takes about 10 hours. If you want to build weight, it’s better not to do it in the morning. But morning is the time for drying and fat burning. Everyone knows that fat begins to burn only after 20 minutes of running, immediately after the body spends glycogen. But in the morning, fat begins to burn almost immediately, since there is no glucose in the blood. Therefore, even a 20-minute run will be very effective.
  5. Morning workouts are very useful for those who do not control their appetite. A study was conducted at a European scientific institute in which thousands of people participated. People who ran in the mornings consumed fewer calories during the day, they simply did not want to eat. Among those who ran in the evening, such results could not be achieved. Scientists have suggested that morning jogging somehow affects your appetite. Whether it is true or not, has not yet been proved, but after a morning run, really, many do not want to.
  6. If you are planning an intensive strength training, for which you need a lot of energy, you can drink water immediately after waking up with honey and lemon. This will give you fuel for active work. If this is not done, the load will darken in your eyes, even fainting may occur.
  7. Morning training has a number of minuses, one of which is blood density. After all, the body did not consume water and food for more than 10 hours in a row! Therefore, when choosing for a morning run, do not neglect water - you need to drink both before and during training.
  8. Another feature of morning training, or rather, its advantage, is that few people engage in the morning, about 25% of the total mass of athletes. This means that treadmills and other fitness equipment will be free!

But the most important thing you should pay attention to is your well-being. If you prefer to leave all the important things in the morning, love to wake up early and be in time, most likely, morning training will not be hard labor for you. Try exercising once in the morning. If you like it, then you are an undoubted lark.

Classic evening sports

Why classic? Yes, because most people still choose evening workouts. And there are many reasons for this.

Classic evening sports

  1. Many people do it in the evening, because they cannot take away the precious time of morning sleep. In the morning you need to get up to work, to study, spend time on the road. And in the evening after dinner there is free time, which many devote to sports.
  2. Most people cannot train in the morning because after such a training they feel overwhelmed all day. After morning training, they have to work and study, fatigue forces them to make many mistakes, the person becomes distracted, and concentration decreases. But after an evening workout, you can go to bed with pleasure and know that tense muscles continue to work and burn fat for several hours after classes.
  3. All athletes know that nutrition is closely related to sports loads. If you eat in the coming hours after a workout, we will focus on muscle building. And if you starve for at least 3 hours after class, then there will be burning of fat and drying. Many girls choose evening workouts, because they can immediately go to bed after them for the benefit of their figure. But after morning training you need to have breakfast, which does not quite support the theory of weight loss.
  4. An evening workout is a great way to speed up your metabolism, slowed down towards evening. So you can "work out" cakes and sweets eaten during the day.
  5. Evening trainings also have their drawbacks - after an intense load, you won’t be able to fall asleep for a long time, because a huge amount of adrenaline and kartizol are thrown into the blood. But moderate training shortly before sleep, on the contrary, will make your sleep deep and long.
  6. If you have only late night time for training, you should give preference to less aggressive sports - swimming, yoga, body flex, Pilates, etc.
  7. Another significant minus of evening training is fatigue after a working day. If the day was nervous and difficult, you don’t even have the strength to think about training, not like going to the gym.
    These are the main features, disadvantages and advantages of an evening workout.

Answering the question what time it is better to go in for training, you need to turn to your body. If you easily wake up earlier than others, quickly get out of bed and do not lie down at the first rays of the sun, then by all means try exercising in the morning. Many people literally get pleasure and pep from morning exercise. If you hardly get up on the alarm clock, go around half a day like a sleepy fly, but work great at night, your time for sports is evening.It is better for children to play sports in the afternoon, but not too late so that training does not lead to over-stimulation of the child’s sensitive nervous system. It is best to engage in a couple of hours after the end of the lessons, so that the baby has time to relax and gain strength.

Before you start practicing, you need to pay attention to the little things. The choice of a sport, gym and trainer, the choice of time of day for sports, the choice of a partner is very important. After all, it is from these trifles that your attitude to occupations is formed. If successful, you will love the sport, as many activists of a healthy lifestyle love it. If something goes wrong, you will force yourself for some time, but sooner or later give up this venture. Go in for sports, love sports, be with sports on the "you"!

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